3words August – day 17 of 25

Today’s 3words are: SQUIRT – RELUCTANT – TORMENT.

And my ongoing story…


“Please…” I said.

Jacqueline laughed. “Please what, squirt?”

“Don’t,” I said, closing my eyes, knowing I was close to tears, and really not wanting to cry in front of these girls. Or anyone, if I could help it.

“Don’t what, squirt?” Jacqueline said, bouncing up and down on me twice.


She squealed with laughter and was about to bounce again when Raven placed her hand on her shoulder, and my tormentor stopped mid-bounce. gazing up at her friend.

Raven said, “Enough.”

Jacqueline fumed. “But-“

“No,” Raven said, offering her hand.

Reluctantly, Jacqueline took it, and I could breathe again.



  1. I noticed each time I write big chunks of a story. Yours mostly perfect… around one hundred word count.
    Hopefully you enjoy reading mine. I love reading yours. The bunch of girls and a boy. Mysterious.


    1. Mine should be exactly 100 words every day. That’s the only ‘editing’ I do, removing a word or twisting a sentence so it fits. It’s funny – I can sit and write the moment and now come pretty close to the 100 words, kind of like I’ve a built-in sensor. 😉

      And yes, I totally enjoy reading your story. 🙂


          1. Great.
            I do the same, but when I check my word count I know it’s always over. Once I had a 95-word-count, but I couldn’t leave it like that, so I added some and tipped over the 100 plus some.


  2. Do you have an idea how your story going to end? Or is it still in a foggy state?
    I know how mine might end, but you probably have an idea too.


    1. I know ONE thing that is definitely going to happen. But I’m still a little fuzzy about what caused this whole mess, but I think it’s clarifying… only 800 words to go, so I suppose it better be… 😉


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