3words August – day 21 of 25

Today’s 3words are: SNORT – DROP – STILL.

And my ongoing story…


I took a deep breath and racked my brains. “I don’t remember.”

Jacqueline snorted. “Liar!”

Annette said, “Calm down. Let’s take a moment.” She stroked Jacqueline’s arm as she passed, gently bumping shoulders before continuing to me. “If a head was bumped, well, there will be one.”

“One what?” Raven asked.

“A bump,” Annette explained, dropping to her knees and crawling behind me.

I started to turn around, a little scared. She seemed nicer than some of the girls, but who knew?

“Sit still, please,” she whispered, gently laying her hands on the back of my head, and then feeling.



5 thoughts on “3words August – day 21 of 25

Add yours

  1. Annette seems to be a nice girl.
    But why they hit him? Or what happened?
    It’s like there is a mysterious future and mysterious past. To know about the future, he has to know the past. But because he can’t remember the past, there are questions about the future.
    Does it makes sense?


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