four books or a four-part book

This is the dilemma I still face when considering my 700-page novel Tell Me Something True.

Although many-stranded, it is all one complete story, and takes place over one year. Well, the main thread does. Heh.

But there are four distinct parts to the novel, and I do still wonder if it might be more palatable for a potential reader if split? As in, a four-book series?

It would mean each quarter would be easier-to-afford, but overall the reader would spend more for the complete behemoth (to use Tamsin’s description in her review). 

For example:


  • 1 x eBook @ £2.94
  • 1 x paperback @ £14.99

If split…

  • 4 eBooks @ £0.99 each = £3.96
  • part 1 paperback … 130 pages @ £5.99
  • part 2 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99
  • part 3 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99
  • part 4 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99 … so total of £26.96

Do you think they would be likely to gather more interest? At the very least, I suppose, the first one would be a cheap introduction to the novel, at almost a third of the cost of the whole book, offering a taster which might entice readers to try before buying the remainder (or whole thing)?

I might even be able to offer the first eBook for free? And possibly host a giveaway for it, or a free paperback #1 as a competition prize, when at the moment it’s not so easy, given its size?

Any thoughts? Always welcome. 🙂


4 thoughts on “four books or a four-part book

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  1. Hey there.
    First of all…700-pages book… bravo on you patience to write it, edit it, and putting it together.
    One book with such a length, cheaper but it will take people longer to read. Some people get scared by the length of the book. The smaller you make it (like in series), the brain will see it as a shorter story. But in reality it will be the same.

    I would say, putting the book in four series is a great idea.
    If you worry about the price, I have an idea, why don’t you price 1st book at 0.00, and the rest with a regular price? That way the paperback will be around 20 instead of 26.
    Again, it’s my idea.
    You do the way you want.
    I wish you best, hoping it all works out for you in the way it would please you.


    1. Hey Vik.

      Thanks re the bravo. 😉 I’d feel more that way if readers read it and enjoyed, but we can’t have everything… and stepping stones are an interesting way to travel…

      And I agree, some do seem put off by the length. Me, I LOVE the idea/challenge of a long novel, assuming it has worth/merit, of course. But four smaller volumes will certainly appeal to many. As will the collecting side.

      And yes, making part 1 available for free in eBook form seems to be a popular thought in other places this post appeared, so I do think that’s a path I’ll be taking.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And for your wishes. 🙂


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