something not writing related

Well, kind of. Not about MY writing, anyway. And with a tune. As in, singers and songwriters, and my current favourites. Five of. Thought I would share some. 🙂

Okay, so that felt a little Yoda-like. 😉

But yeah, just five, otherwise it will be too much of a good thing, although it was HARD to whittle. 😮 🙂


Angus & Julia Stone …

Can’t say enough positive things about these two, together and solo work. Also, there’s something about them that flashes me back to my first backpacking trip across the USA in 91, which is impossible, given they were babies then. 😉


Keaton Henson …

I’m VERY new to Keaton, but heard his voice the other day and FELL. IN. LOVE. WITH IT. Seriously. He plays it slow and moody, and I’ve not deciphered all the lyrics yet, but he has that feel that I know I’m gonna fall into smiling.


Brandy Clark …

Yes, country-based, but I have a LONG history of lovin me some country, all the way back to the 70s when my mother regularly listened to some. Brandy is bang up-to-date with the most delicious and funny/sad story songs.


Tift Merritt …

Yes, kinda country-based, too, but this woman’s voice tickles places I didn’t know I had. So there’s that. And I’ve seen her in concert, back during my gig-going days, acoustic in front of around maybe 200 fans.


Harry Chapin …

Last but by no means least is a blast from the past. I wasn’t aware of Harry when he was alive, but I wish I had been. These days, rarely does one pass where I’ve not been influenced by his stories, characters or heart.




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