zombie-vampire fiction

Yes, regarding my story.

Well, I have written 6105 words today, and expect another 2000 or so tomorrow, and then I think this short story –or chapter, as in many ways it feels like it could become a book– will be done, and I will decide what to do with it.

Edit first, probably, unless I decide it is a novel and simply push on. But, I think, if it does become a novel, it will have 6-8 specific chapters like this, being self-contained but also part of a whole. Interesting.

I struggled to find the voice to begin with, and fought between 1st and 3rd person for the first twenty minutes or so, writing something in 1st then trying it in 3rd, hoping for inspiration regarding which felt better, stronger. And 1st won out. But we shall see.

The main character, Denny, is a dead man. And he just met Liz, a vampire. Well, she certainly looks like one.

I’m not yet sure re a title, as I’m torn between something grammatically incorrect (it will make sense when you read it), or something where a potential reader won’t see it and think, “He can’t even get YOUR correct!” Current possibles are:

  1. Your Killing Me With Words
  2. You’re Grammar Kills Me
  3. Real Live Dead Man
  4. Your A Dead Man

Any thoughts?



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