3words September

3words in September is only going to last 10 days.

Here is partly why:

  • a 10-day commitment is easier
  • more people might participate
  • there is a days 6-10 incentive*
  • there is a free 3words Redux eBook**

* If you participate and post links to your stories for the first 5 days, then you will be allowed to suggest words to be used as prompts in the last 5 days. AT LEAST ONE will be accepted IF you continue to post on days 6-10.

** If you post links to your story for each of the 10 days I will send you a pdf copy of 3words Redux, or a file which you should be able to paste into your Kindle documents folder so it will read like a ‘normal’ eBook.

A rules reminder:

  • each day, 3words are posted here
  • each day, participants write some fiction, including those 3words (I suggest 100 words, but more or less is fine, as it suits) your wants/needs
  • we repeat until our story or the set number of days is complete, in this case 10/1000 words
  • it can be a self-contained tale, part of something larger, or individual snapshots

As for base initiator this month… As previously mentioned in an August blog post, we will be inspired by a line that Lacey Reah used in a reply to one of my Google+ posts, and begin our story immediately after this happens:

He gave me a fun drive by kiss as he flew past me. I didn’t know if I should feel flattered or violated.

Enjoy. 🙂





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