3words September – day 2 of 10

Today’s 3words are: CLOSE – SHOOK – WISH.

And my ongoing story…


“Yuuuuck!” Larry said, laughing.

Curly shook her head. “I dunno. I can see it.”

“You wish.”

“I do, actually.”

I laughed harder. “You can have him.”



Curly tugged my hair. “You’re not messing? You’ll have a word?”

“Curly, come on!” Mo said. “You can’t be serious.”


“He’s a dog.”

She nodded. “He puts it about, sure.”

“Tell me somewhere it hasn’t been,” Larry said.

“Me,” Curly said, all puppy dog sadness.

I laughed and pulled my friends closer. “You know, it’s not all that to begin with.”

Their eyes almost popped, and then we almost wet ourselves.



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