current edit complete (EE-based)

Which means it isn’t the current edit, I guess? Which means that phrase shouldn’t exist? I don’t know. Can’t stop editing. Heh.

But this is such a strong story, such a strong novel, and will be such a strong series. Kudos to MA Leibfritz for Blood & Oil. Quality. I think we are going to hear a lot about this writer in the years ahead.

So what now? Well, for one I’m going to finish reading Michael Connelly’s The Gods of Guilt, then dive straight into Kory M Shrum’s Dying by the Hour.

As for Tuesday, when I would have been returning to B&O, I don’t know whether to bring the final read-thru of GoD forward a week, or spend the time writing what I can of my novel about DeadDenny… hmm… 🙂




2 thoughts on “current edit complete (EE-based)

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    1. Heh. Had a lazy one, to be honest. Did a quick read through of something for someone, read a little, but basically did whatever I could to NOT write about Denny. Some days are like that. Unfortunate but true. Hopefully tomorrow. Or it’s on with the next editing job… 🙂

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