3words Twitter Tale

I’m seriously considering combining my November (or October) 3words story AND twitter AND wonky monky.

That’s right, a 3words-prompted Wonky Monky short story told via 140-character-based moments.

Any thoughts?


I THINK it MIGHT be a prequel to my Wonky Monky 1 book, back when he was still IN the carpet… Haven’t thought about it any further than that, though…

Actually, I just drafted the first part. It’s only 23 words. Yikes.

Also, I think I’m going to add a hashtag to it, being 3WWMTT… can you guess why? I bet you can. Oh yes you can. Go on, try…




  1. Sounds like a good idea…Twitter being the dominant medium here. It could bring in Twitter people who may otherwise miss it. And it would be a challenge to you. 😊
    Wonky Monky in the carpet….hummm…


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I don’t do much with Twitter, and thought this might be a way of semi-embracing? 😉

      And I was probably thinking October rather than November. Either I missed a month, or I’m really planning ahead…


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