short, long & wonky (photos)

Yeah, these have been a long time coming. I could say because I’ve been working so diligently on my edits for others, and then so focused on my fiction, but it’s more to do with procrasti…

But now they are here. Huzzah. Well, maybe. Maybe not.

First up, me the short story collections:


Yes, there is a 3words collection, too, but I couldn’t hold three books AND click the button. It was hard enough holding two, still, in such a way they could be seen. Kinda crazy how unhelpful my hands were, and how unfocused my brain was as it tried to cope with the backwards nature of things. Anyhoo… next up, the longer works, the two available novels:


And then, last but not least re my fiction, are the Wonky Monky novellas. These are two of my favourite pieces of writing. And, as a headsup to any Wonky Monky fans out there, I am itching to get to #3, and hope to have a first draft by the end of November. But here are the first two:


And now, certainly last but most definitely not least, is my inspiration for Wonky, being my dear friend Monkey:






…nation. See?! πŸ˜‰



9 thoughts on “short, long & wonky (photos)

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      1. That was me. 😊 I’d assumed Wonky Monky was written just for small children. I “looked insided”– the little boy in the bathroom, crying–and it immediately caught my interest. I’m going to read as soon as time permits, and yes, I will review.

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        1. Wonky is written for me now as much as for me as a boy. I wish I had read a Wonky story as an 11-14 yr old, but I would be equally happy discovering him now, as I think he has something to say to all of us. πŸ™‚

          But I don’t think you’re the first or last to think that. I need to find time to improve my blurbs. πŸ˜‰


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