what would you pay for editing?

As many of you know, over at EconomyEdits.com I am an editor.

I work predominantly with independent writers (fiction, non-fiction & web content) because I want to help those I most identify with. You see, on THIS page I am an indie writer. 🙂

I think my rates are excellent for the quality I provide, being just £3 or $5 per 1000 words.

However, because I want to be working AND helping, I have come up with an idea… YOU tell ME how much you would pay for my services, and we will see if we can progress from there?

Simply send me a 500-1000 word sample of your work, tell me the genre and target audience, and where it exists in the story (as in, opening, first half, second half, ending, etc.), and I will work through it as I would a fully-paid piece of work.

You then review it, see how you feel, and make your kindest offer regarding my fee per 1000 words, being a figure we can both respect, but that will still allow you to put bread on your table and electricity in your bulbs.

Like everyone, I have my minimum monthly income requirements, but if I can meet them each month AND provide some other help to even less financially able indie writers, then all the better. It will keep me out of trouble, and will give you a better chance of finding more readers. 🙂

Sounds like a plan? Then let’s do it.

Oh, and, if YOU don’t have anything to edit right now but you know someone who does, please poke them into trying me.



3 thoughts on “what would you pay for editing?

Add yours

  1. Best wishes on your editing job.
    From Manuscript Tunes (aka Vik Tory Arch). I hope I will be back for good, not disappearing ever again.
    Something is definitely amiss when I am not writing a blog.
    Good wishes.
    Your email was encouraging.
    And I don’t want to miss out a Christmas 3Words. I would love to see your October and November.
    Which reminds me…best wishes on the fall season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Re editing – thank you. 🙂

      Here’s hoping you will be back, for good or short-term(s). You’re one of the sweetest, kindest souls I’ve been fortunate to find on here (although I seem to be blessed by a few now, thankfully), so it’s always good to have you around. And participating.

      And thank you re your wishes. I send the same to you and yours. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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