found some words

And here are a few more… 😉

But, yes, a GOOD day re the novel, as I managed to find 8343 words, or around 25-30 pages, meaning I’m just two (or possibly three) chapters and 8000-12000 words away from completing the first draft, which I hope to have done by close of business Sunday. Or Monday, at the VERY latest. A bonza day, though, and a few good scenes and key moments, I think/hope. Time will tell.

Okay, think I’m gonna hang up my keyboard for the night. Here’s hoping you all found joy in your day. 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget to keep track of the 3words Wonky Twitter tale at #3wwmtt 🙂



    1. Ahh, but are they the right words? The best words? Do the lines, thoughts and action flow as well as it might? You read the early chapters first draft, so can see how much might need changing. If I wrote more slowly, perhaps the rewrites would pass less painfully? 😉


  1. 6374 today, and just one convoluted scene left to write. But I’m going to leave that one until tomorrow, because I don’t want to rush it, and it’s going to run around 2000 words, and my brain is beginning to fade a little, and I want to get it as right as I can the first time of asking. So, until tomorrow. 🙂


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