goodreads review for Seven Sneezes

Manisha Mahalingam said:

Seven Sneezes is a story of a woman, beginning from her first breath to her last, telling a tale of struggle, determination, the will to keep going on,and most importantly family.

I truly enjoyed reading this book, Lizzy being the kind of character who makes any story unique. She retains her humor and her character all through out the book, even at the age of seventy five.

I love the fact that the author thought of linking Lizzy and Daniel Steel’s books. Both speak about adversities and hope, and Lizzy seems to get strength from reading the story of another.

Why the book was for me – It was a relaxing break from the action packed, political or any other thrillers I have been indulging myself in. This book is a peaceful reading, yes there are times your heart cries for Lizzy, but you are not on your edge going ‘What’s going to happen next.’ This is a good as well as a bad thing.

Things I liked-
Lizzy – she really holds the book together. I enjoyed being in her head and seeing things through her eyes. She truly does make a wonderful mother.
Family – the book speaks about family and how the best families stick to each other. Family doesn’t always have to be blood. Sometimes, it extends more than than.
Life isn’t static- Another message from the book is that life keeps moving,it is a roller coaster ride, having its off and on moments.
The characters – Lizzy’s sons and “sub-daughter” are such unique people. David has shown them in distinct ways.
The chapters – each chapter is a year from Lizzy’s life. Very creative.

Things I didn’t like.
Lack of action – I felt there were parts in which life could be pumped up more.

Other than that, this was a great book!”

Many thanks, Manisha.



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