interesting reads

I blow hot and cold regarding traditionally published books, and am currently on a cold streak, feeling detached and disinterested in most. I will pick one up, raise an eyebrow at the cover, read the blurb, and think something along the lines of, “Yeah, I guess it could be interesting, but kinda reminds me of something else I read…” And then I put it down again.

However, this is probably just as well, as I have my brain filled with more-compelling indie books, some yetΒ to be final-edited or released, but they still engage me more than the trads. Funny. A year ago, I had only read a handful of indie books, yet they now draw me in and compel me forward more easily and more often than the trads. Interesting.





    1. I’ve not really done a “launch” re any. Just notified here and the links, and people I know. Without being some kind of a “name”, I reckon a “launch” would end up being just me and the stray cats that sneak in for the snacks. πŸ˜‰

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