return of denny the zombie?

Well, having completed this

a couple of days earlier than scheduled, I might try and pull my finger out and work on editing my own fiction for a change. Denny the Zombie has been patiently waiting now, for however long it’s been (I dare not think) since the first draft completion. 63k in 4-5 days might be a bit of a stretch, but I can at least make a concentrated start.

Then there’s also notes for Wonky 3 to gather, dust off and order, as I might try to get a head start on that during my proposed 2 wk holiday over christmas and new year. 😮 😉 We shall see.

Apologies for being super-quiet here, but there was the Twitter-based 3words Wonky story. And I’ve been editing my little socks off. Oh, and spending some quality time online with m’lady. 🙂



8 thoughts on “return of denny the zombie?

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  1. I’m still reading the first draft – gave up on being the mean Editor (as I got sucked into the story) – but the conference put me behind a bit – but I’m planning on finishing it this weekend – so far two enthusiastic thumbs up WAY UP!!

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  2. Don’t let Denny languish too long and lose that forward momentum. It’s happened to me, and makes it hard to dive back in the story.
    Spending time with your lady…hmmmm 😀

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    1. Thank you, Kathy.

      Yes, I agree re too much time and momentum. I had meant to return to him sooner, I just haven’t had time. This probably won’t be enough time now, but it will be a start, to at least re-find that momentum. I forgot that I have to edit my part to a 4-way horror novella collaboration, but once THAT is done…

      Either way, you’ll know as soon as it’s ready, as your inbox is one of its early destinations. 🙂

      And 🙂 re the hmmmm. Sums it up nicely. 😉

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        1. Man, there were ERRORS in those first few chapters. I’m almost a fifth of the way through my initial edit, and it is LITTERED with typos and wrong words. Just as well I hadn’t re-read it or none of that would have been seen by anyone. 😉

          Thanks for the looking forward to. Still hoping to be done by Tuesday, so maybe any time after that. 🙂

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