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Do you remember the scene in the book where Carrie is telekinetically flinging all those kitchen utensils into her mother? Oh, and that scene in the book where Carrie is standing in the middle of the prom reigning down terror on her class mates? Not forgetting that scene in the book where the scary hand darts out of the grave at the end?


I hope you don’t, because they were in the movie.

It must have been so long since I’ve re-read this novel that my brain has overlaid my paperback memories with celluloid variations. Either that, or age finally is deceptifying my brain cells.

I wonder what this book might have looked like a few years down the line, because it is super-short (by King standards), and there isn’t enough early-book character building. For me. And I’m not overly sure about the way the story is shared, mixing between characters and reports and textbook quotes. It’s interesting enough, but I’ve come to expect more from the great man.

Of course, I don’t know how I would have felt reading it for the first time back in 1974, and I don’t recall how I felt reading it for the first time in the 80s, but if it was a first novel now I wonder if an unknown King would be self-publishing his eBook and sharing his frustrations and hopes with the likes of me? And THIS is partly why I like self-publishing eBook authors, as you just never know who you be hanging with.




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  1. I think the great Mr King would be the first to admit that, as writers, we only get better the more we hone the skill. As it’s one of his first stories, I’m sure there are things he would change. Personally, I like the fact we have a way to witness his own development. His word building is quite unique 🙂

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  2. I think when Carrie was published it was easier to GET published. I don’t know if it’s the plethora of wanta-be writers (yours truly included) or agents and publishers who don’t want to take a chance on new authors, but I agree that Carrie might not make the grade if it put out there today.
    I enjoyed Carrie when I first read it, but I agree: it pales in comparison to Mr. King’s later books.

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    1. Even ‘Salem’s Lot, his very next book, is much longer, character-driven and detailed, taking its time to set everything up, making us care for these characters by watching them live and love. Reminds me a little of the difference I felt between The Gunslinger and The Drawing of the Three, regarding tone, content, style and detail.

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