3words xmas 15/25

Today’s 3words are: Eve, Drummer, Geese (as in laying)

And my ongoing story is…

Joseph grunted and EVE let go of the backrests and turned to her mother, eyebrows raised. Holly half-shrugged and half-sighed. Eve rolled her eyes and jumped onto the sofa.

“Careful,”Holly said.

Eve looked up. “What?”

“You forget,” Joseph mumbled. “Your gramps doesn’t like any life in this house.”

Holly glared at her brother then smiled at Eve. “He’s just not into Christmas.”

“Or his family,” Joseph said.

Eve smiled. “Where is he? Out with the DRUMMERs drumming?”

Joseph snorted.

Eve grinned. “Or maybe the GEESE-a-laying?”

“That’s enough,” Holly said, but she smiled.

Unseen by his family, Barry turned to Noel.



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