3words xmas 16/25

Today’s 3words are: Ghost, Dasher, Frosty

And my ongoing story is…


“What are we doing here?” he mumbled. “These people are but GHOSTs of my past.” He shook his head roughly from side to side. “I’ve always been a hateful person.”

“Come now,” Noel soothed.

“No, I mean it.”

Noel chuckled. “I meant it literally. Come now. With me. Please.” He smiled and eased his arm through Joseph’s and led him away from his family before they cracked another Barry-jokey.

“I liked Christmas as a child,” Barry said, before the swirly-crazy blinded him again. “Built many a FROSTY, and imagined playing with DASHER and the rest. Guess I lost something somewhere.”




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