3words xmas 17/25

Today’s words are: Advent, Polar, Manger.

And my ongoing story…


“It’s easier for things to fall apart than to work on keeping them together.”

Barry sighed. “You should design ADVENT calendars.”

Noel laughed and squeezed Barry’s arm. “We should be off.”

“You’re asking this time? You were like the POLAR Express before.”

“I didn’t think we needed to rush now you know what’s happening.”

“That sick feeling.”

Noel nodded.

Barry coughed hard, doubling over as he tried to free some stuck air.

“You okay, old man?”

“Old?” Barry wheezed. “Sure, I remember the MANGER.”

“I’m just saying…”

Barry straightened up and sighed. “Why not just take us where we’re going?”




    1. Yikes. That’s when it can sometimes fall apart. 😉

      But thanks.

      As I posted on yours, I hope you’re enjoying the process. I’m toying with a January 3words prompt based around resolutions… succeeding, failing, sharing, learning… something about them…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ll try and put something together. Might not be before Monday, though, as I’m working on Real Live Dead Denny from now till then.

          But I would be interested in ideas, although maybe keep in mind that I don’t tend to be TOO restrictive in what we set as requirements.


          1. Simple is good. I was thinking for the theme to encourage, but not require would be self-improvement, encouragement of others, etc. could be real, could be fiction, etc. Also, go ahead and generate the list of words for the whole challenge, but only publish today and tomorrow’s words. Main thing is to start the buzz early on all the social media feeds so people have time to see it.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’ve run a few of these 3words months/events now, and don’t tend to generate that much participation. Perhaps because I’m not a social media guru. 😉

              Not sure about generating the words beforehand, as they are usually inspired in the moment, but will consider.

              Any/all ideas appreciated and considered. 🙂


  1. Okay. Thanks, Shawn. I could do a pre-January post in December. I’ve done those before. Won’t be before Tuesday though, as I’m focused on Real Live Dead Denny this weekend. But I’ll keep this email reminder in my inbox. 🙂


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