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As per my last post, I have created a focused account at MailChimp to enable me to take better care of those who might be interested in regular updates, newsletters, editing offers or occasional free stuff. Simply click the link beneath MAKE ME n MONK SMILE 8^> =====>>>

The first free stuff is a copy of chapter 1 of my novel REAL LIVE DEAD DENNY, which will be released on Monday.

But, even if you aren’t interested in that, why not sign up anyway? You may well be interested in the next FREEBIE or newsletter.




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    1. It’s the second part of this which highlights when you hover:

      Make Me n Monk smile 8^>

      Please CLICK THIS link to register your email address with us… you will receive newsletters, early notifications re short stories, novels and editing services, and occasional FREE STUFF

      at the top of my sidebar to the right of this


        1. A link in the article might have been a good idea. 🙂

          But I’m having a slow-headed day, so I think I’ll count myself lucky that I could figure out what I did do, rather than try and be even more clever… 😉

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