cover reveal

Anyone who has signed up to my mailing list by sometime Saturday will get a sneaky-peeky-looky-see at the cover for REAL LIVE DEAD DENNY. Just click on the link over there… ====>>>

You will also still receive a FREE copy of the first chapter.


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  1. The classy Karen Conlin over at Google+ privately pointed out my mistake in using “sneaky-peaky”, which would be a “crafty mountain”, haha, so I have corrected it here, G+ and FB, but Twitter isn’t so easy. 🙂

    And I could simply have edited, and nobody would be any the wiser, but I think Denny would get a kick out of it. 😉

    Of course, I could pretend I was trying to be funny –because the book is about an editor who gets killed and becomes a zombie but still can’t let go of grammar/spelling/word-use issues– but I honestly don’t recall whether I was, or whether I simply rushed it, was too tired in the moment, or got confused/distracted by the EA in sneaky.. 😉

    Either way, thank you, Karen. 🙂


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