3words xmas 21/25

Today’s 3words are: Wrapping, Wonderland, Tidings.

And my ongoing story is…


Noel sucked in a slow, deep breath and joined Barry on the sofa. Barry shifted, as if about to stand, but Noel gently took hold of his arm and leaned into him, like a hug without WRAPPING his arms around the uncomfortable old hermit.

“Leave me be,” Barry whined, his eyes closed, his head twitching.

“It’s ok,” Noel said.

“Nothing is okay,” Barry mumbled.

“But it can be.”

“You’re crazy!”

“Life can be a WONDERLAND.”

“It’s hell,” Barry snapped, pushing Noel away. “You don’t understand anything. If you did you wouldn’t try and drown me in all these good TIDINGS.”





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