reviews for Real Live Dead Denny

In case you were waiting to hear what others thought before buying Denny, please read these three reviews from Amazon…

Well, folks, I’ll tell you upfront that I read Real Live Dead Denny in its formative state, when it was little more than a gleam in David Burton’s eyes. And I was afforded the honor of following–and sometimes commenting on–Mr. Burton’s creation as it took shape and grew into an engrossing novel. Real Live Dead Denny isn’t your run-of-the-mill zombie tale; it’s humorous, sad, whimsical, and told in a voice that captivates. From the opening line, I was hooked, as it moves along at a brisk pace, making one anxious to find out “what happens next”. And believe it or not, it’s also a book about family, both those made by bloodline, and those that form out of love and need. Denny is a character I will not soon forget, and I’m hoping (Are you reading this Mr. Burton?) that his story continues past this novel. I have purchased my copy, and if you are up for an entertaining romp, I suggest you purchase yours. Kathy Lecy.


I am not a horror or especially a zombie fan. David is a fellow blogger and graciously offered his first chapter to anyone that was interested. I read it and was intriqued by the story concept. I always give new books at least a chapter to see how I feel about it. The story of Denny and his fate help my attention which is not easy to do,ooh shiny object… I think you should give the book a try. I bought it after reading just the first chapter and once I started it was hard to put down. There are times, if you are a “grammer-fiend” like Denny, you will cringe, but hopefully you will understand. Denny is a zombie and is telling and editing his own story. The book tells a good tale with an interesting twist on the telling. Overall I enjoyed the book and look forward to more in the future.

And… …

Read First Chapter as a complementary part… Loved it. The story about Denny who died literary from a bad grammer letter written by his wife… He was an editor when he was alive, and reading error typos in any manuscript was tough. Love the concept behind the first chapter. PS> Thank you, Mr. D. for sharing the first chapter.




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