3words January 2/30

Today’s 3words are: SLUMP, GRAB, SIGH.

And my ongoing story…


“What do you want?”


Lisa SIGHed. “To drink? It’s Friday?”

“I don’t.”


“Want anything.”

She stared at me. “You don’t want me to get you anything?”


“Fine.” She GRABbed her beer and headed toward the lounge. “Get your own.”


She stopped and sighed. “What now?”

“I’m not drinking.”

“It’s Friday.”

“I quit.”

She laughed. “Since when?”

“New Year’s.”

“You were wasted yesterday.” She shook her head and SLUMPed onto the sofa.

“From drinking the day before.”

“So this is day one?”


She stared at me. Then chugged her beer and winked. “Good luck with that.”



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