3words January 7/30

Today’s 3words are: FEET, SHARPEN, SQUEAL.

And my ongoing story is…


I stared at my breakfast, picked up my coffee and sipped, closing my eyes.

Lisa watched me. I wasn’t psychic: every time I glanced away she looked at me… the moment I glanced back she looked away.

She said, “Is it part of this Dryathon thing?”


“For cancer?” she said, an edge SHARPENing her voice. She wiped Alex’s mouth. “The TV ad?”

“No,” I said, finishing my coffee.

“You just chose to quit? After a lifetime?” She snorted. “Come on, kids.” She snapped to her FEET.

“I’m not done,” Alexa SQUEALed.

“Nor me,” wailed Alex.

“I said come on!”


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