3words January 11/30

Today’s 3words are: NFL, TWIST, CRAZY

And my ongoing story is…


“That game was CRAZY,” Ken yelled, shaking his head and sipping his whiskey.

Steve nodded, almost choking on his upturned beer bottle. “Next one can’t possibly compare.”

“No!” screamed Ian, slamming a now-empty can against his forehead. “Now you’ve-”

“Jinxed it!” laughed Bill, adding cider to his snakebite.

I watched from the kitchen, TWISTing my water bottle top. “You ought to pace yourselves,” I said, remembering how I used to be deliberately sick so I could keep drinking. “Three more games.”

They all turned and jeered.

Our NFL “quarter-final” weekend, being a part-recorded four-game marathon.

But it wasn’t the same.



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