3words January 29/30

Today’s 3words are: PEDANT, EGG, PRIM.

And my ongoing story is…


Phil said, “Least it’ll be over tomorrow.”

Looking up, I almost lost a bit of EGG from my sandwich, and used my forefinger to push it between my lips, chewed and swallowed, all the while watching Phil staring at me.

He said, “The hell is wrong with you?”

“What now?”

“You can’t answer my question?”

“I didn’t hear one.”

PEDANTic pain in the-”

“But anyway,” I grinned. “I was eating.”

Phil snorted. “Little PRIM-n-proper missy. Is that why you were off the booze? Rediscovered your virginity?”

I shook my head. “Still am off.”

“Right. Till tomorrow. Then ladyKev go bye-bye.”


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