3words January 30/30

Today’s (final) 3words are: UNCOMFORTABLE, SPORT, SURREPTITIOUS.

And my (finishing) ongoing story is…


“Thank you all for coming,” I said, gazing around my lounge at our friends and family.

Lisa, Alex and Alexa were on the sofa, my kids straight-backed and grinning, with Phil between them, SURREPTITIOUSly tickling them.

Lisa stood behind them, SPORTing a glass of wine, her arms linked through those of her two best friends.

My mum and Lisa’s parents were on the other sofa, as UNCOMFORTABLE as I had ever seen them.

“I’m sorry for the hassles my not-drinking caused this month.”

Everyone bar my kids snorted, shook their heads or sighed.

“But I’m gonna try again in February.”


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