3words February 1/20

Yes, a shorter one this month. If anyone’s interested, we’re focusing on Valentine’s Day, with the first 13 days leading up to the event, the 14th BEING that day (in case you didn’t realise), and then the final 6 days being the almost-week after. Whatever happens before & after is up to you, but on the 14th two people must meet/talk/chat/exchange something physical…


So today’s 3words are: LIKE, BING, FUNNY.

And the beginning to my story “Billy & Belinda” is…


BillyBilly scrolled down Facebook, stopping on a “FUNNY” image someone had posted:

“Don’t be too upset that nobody loves you enough to share Valentine’s Day with you… they don’t love you on any of the other 364 days either.”

He stared at it, contemplating LIKE-ing it. Problem was, he didn’t. It was too close to home. But he didn’t want to be seen not-liking it.


He glanced over. Someone named BelindaBelinda had liked it.

Weird she had a repeated name; they were few and far between.


She commented. “You break my heart.”

BillyBilly hovered, clicked like, and waited.



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