3words February 3/20

Decided not to go day by day. I do like the idea, and may use it in the future, but this story seems more immediate. 🙂

Today’s 3words are: DISTRACT, CUTE, MENTAL.

And my ongoing “Billy & Belinda” story is…


BillyBilly had half-expected her to post a comment directed at his like, only she didn’t.

Then, just as he was scrolling down the page looking for something else that might DISTRACT him from his funk, he saw the pop-up notification that he had a private message.

He grinned, trying to recall the last time someone had messaged him, outside of his parents or sister, checking to see he was still alive.

He clicked on it and read, leaning back in his chair.

Was she MENTAL? All he’d done was like a CUTE comment. He should read her the riot act.



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