3words February 9/20

Today’s 3words are: FREE, QUICK, TRIP.

And my ongoing story is…


Billybilly leaned toward his monitor, shook his head slowly, and leaned away again.

He typed, “Girl, you be TRIPpin,” paused, backspaced, then re-typed it and clicked reply.

He turned toward his kitchen, wondering if he should think about cooking something, but wasn’t in the mood. Again. He tried to recall if he had any of those meal-for-one’s left in the FREEzer-


He closed his eyes. That was too QUICK.

“I be trippin?” Belindabelinda had typed. “I be motherfreakintrippin? Dude, you do not wanna mess with me.”

Billybilly typed, “So go annoy someone else,” and again paused, but again sent.



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