3words February 10/20

Today’s 3words are: TIGHT, FLOP, PINEAPPLE.

And my ongoing story is…


Belindabelinda stared at the screen, unblinkingly mind-blown.

Slowly her hands lifted to her forehead, and then slid around to her ponytail. Still staring at the screen, she undid the tail, flipped the tie over two fingers, and began slowly scraping her hair back.

And up. Further up. The TIGHTer her tension, the tighter and higher her ponytail. She shook her head as she re-secured it.

Obviously, Billybilly didn’t know that.

“But he’ll learn,” she mumbled, smirking as she cracked her fingers, dropping them back to the keyboard, her hair now bunched on top of her head like a FLOPpy PINEAPPLE.


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