3words February 15/20

Today’s 3words are: TOUCH, LADY, DOG.

And my ongoing story is…


Billy felt his head tilting to the right so tried to stop it, knowing it was a tell that he was interested. But she couldn’t know that. He smiled.

“What you grinning at?”

He shrugged.

“Great,” Belinda snorted. “A shrugger.”

Billy laughed. “LADY, you have some issues.”

“Lady?!” she baulked. “Who you calling a lady?”

Billy laughed and walked away.

“Where you going?” she called.

“To the pub?”

“You expect me to follow? Like a DOG?”

“Not like a dog, but hopefully, yeah.”

“Although you ignored my question?”

“About being a lady?”


“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I’m not TOUCHing that.”



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