1. “Dancing in the Dark” is my favorite song of the Boss, but quite a few come close. “Girls in Their Summer Cothes”, “The River”, and “Tougher Than the Rest” are close seconds. I might as well admit it–I love everything the guy sings. 😊

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    1. It’s hard to think of one that I don’t like, and I like those you mention, particularly River & Tougher. And Girls ITSC was the first encore he did back in 08. 🙂 Also, back in 93, he performed River, Tougher & Dancing in Milton Keynes. 🙂

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      1. I’d love to see The Boss live…looks like he puts on a good show. “The River” really touches me–it makes me think of my first husband, who I married when I was 16 and pregnant way back in 1970. (He died in his late 40’s of a heart attack.) I never thought at the time how marrying me when he was so young adversely affected his life, but I’m sure it did. He was a good man…I still miss him.

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