3words March – 1 of ??

I’m not yet sure how many days this month will run, but if you want to play along, please do. Chances are it will be at least twenty.

As for the rules, beyond the usual 3words criteria, all that your March story requires is a


Yep, that’s right. A boomerang. I don’t care where or why it appears, or whether it’s intrinsic to the story or just a throwaway (I thank you), but it must be there somewhere on someday. 🙂

* *

Okay, today’s 3words are: BLEED, EXIST, CHANGE.

And my new story begins…


Kelvin was trying to not think about how Mark had his finger a good three inches up his left nostril when the boomerang struck.

Being human, Mark squealed, and slapped his left hand to his ear and neck, covering Kelvin, who had been hit hard and was BLEEDing.

Although struggling, Kelvin was aware enough to know that Mark was comforting him with his booger-fingers, even if Mark didn’t know Kelvin EXISTed.

As Kelvin adjusted to the pain, and all but started to enjoy the throb from the strike, he realised that it was time for life to CHANGE.

Mark’s life.




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