3words March… day 10 of 20

Today’s 3words are: UNBALANCED, TOWER, FLIP.

And my ongoing story is…


Mark shook his head.

Joel glared. “What?”

Mark looked away.

Joel stepped forward again. “First. You don’t look away on me.”

Mark looked back, trying not to cringe as the over-sized bully TOWERed over him.

“And second. You don’t try none of that crazy on me.”

Mark raised his eyebrows. “You didn’t hear the voice?”

Joel laughed as he grabbed Mark’s chubby arm.

FLIP him!”

Mark saw a vision of what to do and, not even thinking, repositioned his legs, used Joel’s UNBALANCED weight, and flipped him over his shoulder, even chuckling when Joel hoomphed.

“Oh, you dead now, fatboy.”



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