3words March… day 11 of 20

Today’s 3words are: CRAZY, CONSEQUENCE, WHO.

And my ongoing story is…


Mark stepped away from Joel and shook his head. What was happening? How had he done what he didn’t know how to do? It was CRAZY.

“No, it was me.”

“Who is that?” Mark yelled.

He almost laughed when Joel slipped on the grass, smacking his backside while his eyes popped. Mark turned away, certain if Joel saw him openly mocking he would finish him off, CONSEQUENCEs be damned.

“Stop freaking out and listen.”

“To WHO?” Mark bellowed, smacking the side of his head.

“Careful. You don’t wanna hurt me.”

“Great,” Mark sighed. “Another bully.”

“No. We’re in this together.”



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