3words March… day 12 of 20

Today’s 3words are: SWIRL, GASP, PERFORM.

And my ongoing story is…



Joel snorted a laugh and charged at the smaller, younger, scared Mark.

Mark heard a SWIRL of words whispered in his ear, something about a half-step-grab-n-pivot, but didn’t understand, and opened his mouth to protest.

Joel screamed. “Say one more crazy thing, I dare you.”


“Now what?” Mark said, spinning around.

Joel sneered. “Now you done it.”

Mark somehow spun back around to face a now certifiable bully. Without thinking, Mark PERFORMed a kind of half-step, then grabbed and pivoted, his eyes apologizing to Joel even as he grabbed and flipped him.

Joel lay back-flat on the grass, GASPing.


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