3words March… day 18 of 20

Today’s 3words are: ANNOY, BLIND, CHANGE.

And my ongoing story is…

“Can what?” Joel snapped.

“What happened to listening?”

“You’re ANNOYing.”

“Is that why you bully me?”

Joel snorted. “No.”

“Why then?”


“You must.”

“Must I? Why’s that? Didn’t your daddy never tell you crap happens?”


“No?” Joel shook his head. “Then he’s BLIND or a fool.”

Mark closed his eyes. “Actually, he’s dead.”

Joel stared at him then smirked. “Too disappointed with you, was he? Offed himself, huh?”

Mark opened his eyes and stared down at the bully, sensing some CHANGE deep inside. Plus, that funny voice was fading. He heaved a sigh and rolled away from Joel.

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