3words March… day 19 of 20

Penultimate 3words today are: BELLOW, PUNCH, SHRIEK.

And my ongoing (but soon-to-finish) story is…

But something pulled him back, his feet kicking Joel’s, who dropped to the floor.

Mark opened his mouth to apologise, but was roundhouse PUNCHed in the ear.

He fell away, his right hand leaping to his lobe, finding blood. His eyes found Joel’s manic pair, above a nasty sneer.

Mark simply stared, unsurprised but still confused at how Joel now had him where he wanted him.

“That was your first mistake,” Joel BELLOWed, straddling him.

Mark reached up and stroked Joel’s ear.

“The hell are you doing?” Joel raged, leaping off him, SHRIEKing as he stepped back to kick Mark.


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