3words March… day 20 of 20

The final day’s 3words are: DISTRACT, COWER, FUNNY.

And the final part of my story is…

Mark COWERed and closed his eyes, already feeling the first strike. He waited. Still nothing. Eventually, he eased open one eye, now expecting the boot-to-balls, but found Joel seemingly DISTRACTED, scratching his neck. Mark sat up and stared at him. “Joel?”

Joel span around. “Oh. Mark. You’re a FUNNY kid. But you’re ok. You oughta go easy on yourself though, y’know?” Joel wiggled his eyebrows and then winked. “Anyway, see ya,” he said, turning and running away.

Mark scratched his head, his fingers drifting to the probably still-bleeding keloid. His eyes popped. That was crazy. Where could it have gone?


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