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Do you know anyone LARGE who has ever used something like this as a CHAIR at their work station/desk/pc? This one is supposed to accommodate… ahem… wider loads… to the tune of 440 lbs, so it should be safe for me. 😉

If yes, what was their experience? Good? Bad? Comfortable? Too low? Too distracted by wanting to bounce around the room?

Please let me know, below or email.

Many thanks. 🙂

chris the story reading ape

That’s right. My editing services are now listed on Chris’ fantastic blog.

He is such a good guy, and such a helpful blogger for writers, readers and editors.

If you’re not following this guy you are seriously missing out.





four books or a four-part book

This is the dilemma I still face when considering my 700-page novel Tell Me Something True.

Although many-stranded, it is all one complete story, and takes place over one year. Well, the main thread does. Heh.

But there are four distinct parts to the novel, and I do still wonder if it might be more palatable for a potential reader if split? As in, a four-book series?

It would mean each quarter would be easier-to-afford, but overall the reader would spend more for the complete behemoth (to use Tamsin’s description in her review). 

For example:


  • 1 x eBook @ £2.94
  • 1 x paperback @ £14.99

If split…

  • 4 eBooks @ £0.99 each = £3.96
  • part 1 paperback … 130 pages @ £5.99
  • part 2 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99
  • part 3 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99
  • part 4 paperback … 190 pages @ £6.99 … so total of £26.96

Do you think they would be likely to gather more interest? At the very least, I suppose, the first one would be a cheap introduction to the novel, at almost a third of the cost of the whole book, offering a taster which might entice readers to try before buying the remainder (or whole thing)?

I might even be able to offer the first eBook for free? And possibly host a giveaway for it, or a free paperback #1 as a competition prize, when at the moment it’s not so easy, given its size?

Any thoughts? Always welcome. 🙂

how brave is an agent?

HOW BRAVE ARE YOU? is the working title of the compelling and eye-opening book I have been editing for the wonderful Nicole Delacroix:

It is a riveting and sexyfun read, being a somewhat voyeuristic ride through the innermost thoughts of all the kind (and kinky) souls who anonymously completed Nicole’s questionnaire. I was intrigued, shocked, amused and (yes, I’ll admit it, a little) titillated by its honesty and good-time-sass. 😮 🙂

So yes, the final run-through is now complete, and I want to thank Nicole for letting me play a part in her crazywonderful ride, and wish her & HBAY all the very best in finding an agent/publisher.

The question now is: HOW BRAVE IS AN AGENT?

If you think you know of one who might just be brave and insightful enough to be interested in an unputdownably sexy read, please get in touch. 🙂



3words Redux kindle available

Yes, that’s right – I managed to NOT focus on my EconomyEdits job for the weekend, the first two consecutive days I’ve not client-edited since I began.

Thanks for the ok, Nicole. 😉

On top of that, I actively worked on ME things. First, I tarted up all the 3words shorts that I wanted to include in the collection. Then I created an eBook. And then I began working on the paperback version (give it a couple of days – tomorrow’s busy, and I’m back on the job again :)).

Oh, and I finished reading my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but… Man, I enjoyed reading that. I do think the intentional typos could be an issue, though, so will be stop-gapping that tomorrow or Tuesday by adding a “WARNING: TYPOS AHEAD!” type page at the start. And then see from there.

But today is more about 3words Redux now being available on Amazon as an eBook, and can be found here:

I do like that cover. 🙂

And don’t forget – 3words August will be upon is in just a few days… so please seriously think about committing just 10 minutes a day to an ongoing story. You never know – you may love it! Obviously, I think you will. 🙂



more work in my inbox – Blood & Oil by M.A. Leibfritz

I am delighted and honoured to announce that M.A. Leibfritz has chosen me to edit her sci-fi/fantasy novel BLOOD & OIL.

Due to current commitments, work won’t begin before August 15th, but after reading and sample-editing the opening pages, I must say the story pulled me in and intrigued me, and I am seriously looking forward to working on this project.

Many thanks to Tamsin over at for the recommendation.



a question for readers and writers

My novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE is about life and writing, and how each affects or directs the other. It features an amateur / wannabe writer as its main character, and even less able amateur / wannabe writers as its lesser main characters (with non-writers also present in large numbers, so don’t worry 😉 ).

However, because they are amateur writers, I actively chose to leave in & insert some typos and tense & punctuation errors, as they wouldn’t be perfect as writers or editors of their fiction, and I thought these errors played an important part in the story. Don’t get me wrong, there aren’t thousands, despite it being a 700 page book, but they are randomly scattered.

And yet, while I’m re-reading it in paperback form, I’m now left wondering if –until this idea becomes obvious that it’s intentional, and the proliferation of wannabe writers is understood– readers will simply think the book isn’t fully edited. And, as a paid editor, I really wouldn’t want that. 😮 🙂

So, my question to you is this: which of these options below do you think I should do, and why?

  • (a) Leave everything as is – if the reader doesn’t “get it” or walks away early so be it
  • (b) Leave everything as is, but add an ‘idiot guide’ type feature at the start to ‘warn’
  • (c) Correct all typos for the MAIN character, but leave others to “highlight difference”
  • (d) Correct all typos etc for the MAIN character as per (c), but ADD the ‘idiot guide’
  • (e) Correct ALL typos as it will otherwise alienate readers as amateurish or pretentious

I think I want to stand true (for the moment, at least) with (a), but if enough voters suggest otherwise I will seriously consider editing.

Plus, the more I think about it, the more I think I (and a potential reader) might benefit from a line added one the dedication page, along the lines of: “There are some intentional typos in this novel. The reason for this will become clear as you read.” ?

Thank you for your time.



first review for Seven Sneezes


First review on Amazon:


Ambitious, deep character study 
By Eduardo Suastegui 
Telling a story that spans a character’s life would seem to most a daunting, almost impossible task, but this is the challenge that Burton takes on with ‘Seven Sneezes’. Though I usually enjoy a faster-paced tale, the author’s skill and artistry kept me moving along. If you’re up for insightful character portrayal, then you too should take up this novel.


Many thanks, Eduardo. 🙂



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