3words Redux kindle available

Yes, that’s right – I managed to NOT focus on my EconomyEdits job for the weekend, the first two consecutive days I’ve not client-edited since I began.

Thanks for the ok, Nicole. 😉

On top of that, I actively worked on ME things. First, I tarted up all the 3words shorts that I wanted to include in the collection. Then I created an eBook. And then I began working on the paperback version (give it a couple of days – tomorrow’s busy, and I’m back on the job again :)).

Oh, and I finished reading my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but… Man, I enjoyed reading that. I do think the intentional typos could be an issue, though, so will be stop-gapping that tomorrow or Tuesday by adding a “WARNING: TYPOS AHEAD!” type page at the start. And then see from there.

But today is more about 3words Redux now being available on Amazon as an eBook, and can be found here:

I do like that cover. 🙂

And don’t forget – 3words August will be upon is in just a few days… so please seriously think about committing just 10 minutes a day to an ongoing story. You never know – you may love it! Obviously, I think you will. 🙂



more work in my inbox – Blood & Oil by M.A. Leibfritz

I am delighted and honoured to announce that M.A. Leibfritz has chosen me to edit her sci-fi/fantasy novel BLOOD & OIL.

Due to current commitments, work won’t begin before August 15th, but after reading and sample-editing the opening pages, I must say the story pulled me in and intrigued me, and I am seriously looking forward to working on this project.

Many thanks to Tamsin over at http://writocracy.blogspot.co.uk/ for the recommendation.



tell me something MORE

In an exciting development late last night, I had a very pleasing email conversation with the joy-sharing current reader of my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE

tmst 900

She shared some kind words about the story, which touched and pleased me greatly, as although it’s probably an awkward read due to its length and number of “main characters”, it’s still a novel I love.

We then discussed the cover. I said I thought it played nicely with the idea of all the questions and direction choices within the tale, but as she suggested alternatives I instantly knew I preferred those ideas.

So I looked at my online source for images and found a few that kind of matched the ideas we were discussing, but was dismayed by the cost (from £45- £90 or higher), as I really don’t have that kind of budget at the moment, despite how we all know we should invest in our covers.

But then this friendly-helpful reader said she has artistic friends who she thought would be happy to help. And for “just” a mention/credit. How sweet/kind/generous is that?

So yeah, in the coming weeks we may see another change to the TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE cover, but if we do, I think it’s going to be the best one yet, and the one that feels closest to the story within my novel’s pages.

I have been meeting the ABSOLUTE BEST people on the internet this week. 🙂

Many thanks to Tamsin. You can find her here:






first createspace paperback sale

Yeah, that’s right. It’s “only” the first. But it’s a step in the right direction. 🙂

And it was the one that went live earlier, KISSING CAFE WINDOWS.

If it was you who bought it – thank you. 🙂

All currently available paperbacks can be found here:


kcw BookCoverPreview july 01https://www.createspace.com/4877890


BookCoverPreview final 2906https://www.createspace.com/4878938




I’m hoping to have TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE up soon, too, but the cover is proving a little tricksy… 😉



3words July – tomorrow

3words will be returning tomorrow.

This time “we” will be writing for just 20 days, so “we” will generate a 2000 word story.

I’ve had no ideas so far regarding character, setting or plot etc, with which to set us on our way, so if you have an idea let me know.

Oh yeah, the “rules”:

It’s simple –

  1. “We” choose a character name, setting or event so we all begin in the same place
  2. Every day I post 3words here & via Twitter using #3wordswonky69
  3. Every day any participant writes 100 words of a story INCLUDING the 3words
  4. Post your 100 words via the #3wordswonky69 or on your blog or keep private
  5. TWENTY days later (on the 20th) you will have a 2000 word story
  6. Perhaps I’ll anthologise any interested participants’ stories into an eBook?

As we progress, others involved can suggest words for us to use, and no doubt I will incorporate some.

Anyone wanting to play along either post a comment to let me know, or just simply play along via the #3wordswonky69



editmonkey on your shoulder

Would you appreciate or benefit from having a little EDITMONKEY sitting on your shoulder, helpfully pointing out when you:

  • use the wrong there/their, stationery/stationary, affect/effect
  • should have a full-stop in place of a comma
  • are missing quotation marks
  • are using a passive voice
  • use some words too often
  • use words like very that can be replaced by stronger ones


Well, Economy Edits was created to help the indie writer on a budget. Find us @




requests update

A simple post for once, just to note the number of requests for each title. Yes, the numbers/names look a little sad n lonely at the moment, but hopefully in time…



  • Requests: 4 … Katie, Liz, Olivia, Eduardo
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 1 … Tamsin
  • Reviews 0



  • Requests: 1 … Kay
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 0
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 0
  • Reviews: 0




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