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If you like reading stories about humans or zombies or love or laughter or romance or the insane… or ALL of the above… then this could be the book you’ve been waiting for. 🙂

After much consideration of reader’s thoughts and suggestions… and following an extensive edit… and an investment in a super-cool new cover… the new & improved


is NOW available in paperback:

At CreateSpace:

At Amazon UK:

At Amazon US:

and for Kindle




As an aside, I am trying to build a life with my wonderful new wife, so any and all help in promoting this and my other books would be greatly appreciated. 🙂  On Amazon I can be found here:

saving grace – echoes of a review

For me, contains echoes of SIGNS, the TOMMYKNOCKERS and STARMAN, which, in the wrong hands, could be bad. But W.K. Tucker’s hands know what they are doing. At turns funny, sweet, nostalgic, scary, melancholic, thoughtful and heartfelt, I enjoyed the character’s voice and story flow, and would heartily recommend this short story.

awesome review for wonky monky

Posted on Amazon:

It happens to all of us when we leave childhood behind–we also leave behind the innocence and magic and belief that all things are possible.
Odd Bob stops believing in Wonky Monky, but Wonky Monky never stops believing in Bob. So when Bob runs into trouble with a bully, Wonky Monky leaves the safety of the carpet and ventures forth into the world determined to somehow help his friend.
This novelette, penned by David Burton, though written for middle-grade readers, will resonate with older readers as well. It speaks to all of us who have at some point in our lives wished for a champion–and maybe found one in an unlikely place.
Wonky Monky is a quick read that leaves you wanting more. Sooooo….I’m off to read Wonky Monky # 2.



a review for Kissing Cafe Windows

Can be found here:

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted. Without the daily 3words project, I really get out of the habit.

Didn’t write any more for my zombie-based RLDD last week, but was busy editing. But, at the moment, I don’t have any editing work booked next week, so will hope to finish the first draft then. I also need to find some time to begin Wonky 3; the ideas are floating around there, and he’s itching to be set free on his new adventure.

But more editing from tomorrow, or maybe later today, although today looks like becoming a part-admin day.

And part-read a novel by an online friend whose writing I really admire, respect and enjoy, so it’s probably just as well I don’t have TOO much else to do. 😉


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