Seeking short stories

Are you a fan of fiction? Do you crave crime? Are you flavoured by forensics? Do things have to appear sane in your membrane?
Yes? Then there is exciting news for you from our cosy corner of the world…
We are seeking submissions for our first collection of short stories (and chapter teases) written by authors and readers just like you…
Many are EconomyEdits clients, but everyone is welcome.
Already on board are Geraldine Evans, Iris Blobel, Tony Dews, Melissa Leibfritz, David A. Eddy, John Reti, Kat Bussell, myself and others.
If you are interested in hearing more, and/or want to be considered, please send me a query at:
We would love to hear from you.

M.A. Leibfritz

EDIT – now there’s a website

You don’t know her name yet, but you will. And when you do you will return to this post and nod sagely, telling me I did well to recommend her to you, and that my high praise was justified.

No, there’s nothing published yet for you to read, but keep hold of your socks, because once there is you’re going to be wanting more.

You’ve been “warned”. 😉


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