Seeking short stories

Are you a fan of fiction? Do you crave crime? Are you flavoured by forensics? Do things have to appear sane in your membrane?
Yes? Then there is exciting news for you from our cosy corner of the world…
We are seeking submissions for our first collection of short stories (and chapter teases) written by authors and readers just like you…
Many are EconomyEdits clients, but everyone is welcome.
Already on board are Geraldine Evans, Iris Blobel, Tony Dews, Melissa Leibfritz, David A. Eddy, John Reti, Kat Bussell, myself and others.
If you are interested in hearing more, and/or want to be considered, please send me a query at:
We would love to hear from you.

cool book for sale

If you like reading stories about humans or zombies or love or laughter or romance or the insane… or ALL of the above… then this could be the book you’ve been waiting for. 🙂

After much consideration of reader’s thoughts and suggestions… and following an extensive edit… and an investment in a super-cool new cover… the new & improved


is NOW available in paperback:

At CreateSpace:

At Amazon UK:

At Amazon US:

and for Kindle




As an aside, I am trying to build a life with my wonderful new wife, so any and all help in promoting this and my other books would be greatly appreciated. 🙂  On Amazon I can be found here:

3words Redux kindle available

Yes, that’s right – I managed to NOT focus on my EconomyEdits job for the weekend, the first two consecutive days I’ve not client-edited since I began.

Thanks for the ok, Nicole. 😉

On top of that, I actively worked on ME things. First, I tarted up all the 3words shorts that I wanted to include in the collection. Then I created an eBook. And then I began working on the paperback version (give it a couple of days – tomorrow’s busy, and I’m back on the job again :)).

Oh, and I finished reading my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but… Man, I enjoyed reading that. I do think the intentional typos could be an issue, though, so will be stop-gapping that tomorrow or Tuesday by adding a “WARNING: TYPOS AHEAD!” type page at the start. And then see from there.

But today is more about 3words Redux now being available on Amazon as an eBook, and can be found here:

I do like that cover. 🙂

And don’t forget – 3words August will be upon is in just a few days… so please seriously think about committing just 10 minutes a day to an ongoing story. You never know – you may love it! Obviously, I think you will. 🙂



swimming in clouds paperback arrived today

Looks, feels and smells (yes, I said it) fabulous. 🙂

BookCoverPreview final 2906

If you’re jealous, feel free to get your own:

I’ll post a pic of me n my books when the other two arrive. OR, if I can finalise a Wonky cover style, when the four plus Wonky arrive. Bet you can’t wait. 🙂


These are ten of my favourite stories, being tales of everyday people struggling through sadness and hope while hoping for connections within distance, all of them trying to find a liveable pathway through the minutiae of daily living.

In A SWIM IN THE CLOUDS, two once-close sisters reconnect through words and books, but mostly through action while confronting their dark past, and their hopes for a better future.

In GIRAFFE SPOTS, a lonely man who is missing his sister’s support learns how to blow bubbles and forgive while spending an afternoon in the park with three surprising new friends.

In UP AGAINST A WALL, an everyday family man stoically performs his job, but lives for his family, while feeling his life is unappreciated by all, especially his beloved, distant daughter.

In BOBBY LOU, a once-exiled and self-confessed flasher returns to his home town seeking redemption, reconciliation or understanding, and rekindles an important connection.

In HAZARD LIGHTS, two lonely co-workers struggle to be true while keeping their affair a secret, yet daren’t admit even the most rudimentary feelings towards each another.

In COLD, a relationship-questioning drunk discusses his problems with his partner’s cat in the garden while said partner sleeps, seeking answers or reason but finding only mistakes.

In HALFWAY HOME, a long-term family man struggles to find any kind of happiness in his distant wife or mocking daughters, and finds he feels happier living within his sleeping reality.

In EVERY MINUTE, a boy and his mother struggle to find any kind of sleep or peace, pining for the man of their house who is no longer with them, while wishing for a better future.

In HOW EASY WE BREAK, a barely-functioning, self-distancing alcoholic tries to keep hold of himself but slips, and slips again, influencing and harming those who would love him.

In LADDERS, a currently unemployed, middle-aged, repeating-father is unhappy at home, but finds an unexpected way to dream while resolving his past mental and physical issues.



3words July – day 13 of 20

Today’s 3words are: NOD – MUMBLE – SMIRK.

And the ongoing story:


Danny tried not to sigh, but it wasn’t easy. He stared at Paulie.

Paulie grinned. “That girl about the girl, right? It’s her?”

“I have NO idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t be like that,“ Paulie sighed.

“Still no idea.”

Paulie leaned across the bar, checking over Danny’s shoulder one last time to be sure, nodding to himself and then Danny. “Tell you the truth, though,” he mumbled. “I don’t remember the details.”

“Thanks, then,” Danny smirked, rolling his eyes even though Paulie wouldn’t see. He headed back toward Sandy, wondering just what the hell Paulie had thought he’d known.



3words July – day 11 of 20

Today’s words: DUCK – DRAMA – HELL.

My ongoing story:


“I’ll get them,” he said, leaping up and striding to the bar.

Sandy leaned back and exhaled, wondering what the hell she was doing. She didn’t need this: not the drama, or the conversation, and certainly not the flirting – that was the LAST thing she needed. So what was she doing?

She rolled her eyes and looked away, delving inside her bag to make sure everything was still where it should be. As she pulled her arm back she knocked a beer mat off the table, and it fell to the floor.

Ducking to retrieve it, she saw Danny’s bag.



received my paperback copy of SEVEN SNEEZES

And it looks and feels… JUST LIKE A REAL PAPERBACK!


Because it is, of course. But you know what I mean.

I hope.

Otherwise I sound a little like a loon.


When the other three arrive I’ll post a photo, probably of self proudly holding all four babies. 😉


And I’m not including Wonky Monky in this simply because I haven’t finalised the paperback version, and may even wait until I’ve written the third and can release all three together as a trilogy. We shall see.



3words July – day 8 of 20

Today’s words: AVOID – WIGGLING – COOL.

And my ongoing story:


Danny tried not to glance down at his bag; then he tried not to glance down the far end of the bar.

“Who you avoiding?”

Danny swallowed some beer, taking his time, telling himself he was being cool about it. He pulled the bottle away from his lips, wiggling it a bit as if confused. “Don’t understand.”

Sandy laughed and pulled heavily from her bottle, then said, “If that’s how you wanna play it,” and looked away.

“Play what?”

“Listen,” she said, leaning forward. “In a language you’ll understand,” she grinned. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”



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