Sci-fi/fantasy/dystopia must-read

I want to recommend a talented and entertaining writer, novel and series to you.

You will not be able to put this down.


Book 1 in the series can be found here:

orĀ here:

and his websiteĀ here:

Human extinction has been decided and the alien invasion shows no signs of abating. City ruins will be the only proof that Humans ever existed on Earth. For mankind, hope dies along with the mounting casualties. But survival is still possible for the pockets of dystopian societies scattered across the globe. Humans must look to the stars for help, for the Alliance.

Driven by ambition, the malicious Sky Tyrants use the Humans as bait to lure out their nemesis hiding in the stars. The alien invasion was not a coincidence or conquest, but an age-old vendetta between two civilizations from the other side of the Milky Way.

To find salvation, the Humans must trust in the promise of an ambiguous ally who claims to know their species better than they think. Outnumbered and outmatched, two civilizations from different parts of the galaxy must learn to coexist and collaborate to save Earth from a conflict that knows no boundaries.

However, the Alliance doesn’t only depend on their coexistence as one, united colony in the shadow of a mothership, but on the shoulders of two men who have the potential to turn the tide against the Sky Tyrants. But Humans have their flaws, and Ethan Alexander Colt and Donovan Ford are no different. Will they be able to see beyond their own aspirations and keep the Alliance afloat? Or will they jeopardize a plan that has been three centuries in the making?

To overcome their limitations and lead the Alliance to victory, Ethan and Donovan must solve the universeā€™s greatest mystery. One will need to make the ultimate sacrifice and carry out a plan he does not agree with. The other must conquer his ghosts and embrace his destiny as a soldier.

The Alliance lays the groundwork for a 6-volume post-apocalyptic/space opera/military science fiction series. It takes Humanity on a thrilling journey from dystopian societies and an Earth occupied by other galactic civilizations, to interstellar travel and space colonization, to warfare and a probable apocalypse far into the future.

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