3words August – day 1 of ??

And so here we are. Well, I say ‘we’… 😉

Like I posted earlier, ‘we’ are going to be inspired by one or more of the girls on vickiedoodles’ site here:


Oh, and if you visit/link vickiedoodles’ site please keep everything appropriate. Thank you

Would you like a ‘rules’ reminder?

  • I post 3words every day for the duration of the story
  • ‘we’ write 100 words of an ongoing story each day
  • ‘we’ repeat these two steps until ‘we’ reach the final day

Simple. 🙂

Ok, so here are the day1 3words… CONFESSCIRCLECONTACT.

And part1 of my story…


“I know one of you did it, and I won’t stop till I find out which.”

I glared at each of the six girls in turn, forcing them into a moment’s direct eye contact, hoping one might look away, thereby confessing. But none did, and I knew I shouldn’t have expected it to be that easy.

They were sitting in a circle in the garden, while I paced around the outside of them, thinking that by forcing them to see the others it might also provoke a confession. But, again, I wasn’t confident.

“Okay,” I said. “Who wants to start?”



3words Redux kindle available

Yes, that’s right – I managed to NOT focus on my EconomyEdits job for the weekend, the first two consecutive days I’ve not client-edited since I began.

Thanks for the ok, Nicole. 😉

On top of that, I actively worked on ME things. First, I tarted up all the 3words shorts that I wanted to include in the collection. Then I created an eBook. And then I began working on the paperback version (give it a couple of days – tomorrow’s busy, and I’m back on the job again :)).

Oh, and I finished reading my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but… Man, I enjoyed reading that. I do think the intentional typos could be an issue, though, so will be stop-gapping that tomorrow or Tuesday by adding a “WARNING: TYPOS AHEAD!” type page at the start. And then see from there.

But today is more about 3words Redux now being available on Amazon as an eBook, and can be found here:

I do like that cover. 🙂

And don’t forget – 3words August will be upon is in just a few days… so please seriously think about committing just 10 minutes a day to an ongoing story. You never know – you may love it! Obviously, I think you will. 🙂



3words July – day 9 of 20


And my ongoing story:


“Should I know what you mean?”

Sandy simply stared at him.

Danny smiled and shook his head. “You mean my story?”


“Let’s see. I’ve always been a guy’s guy-”

“Is that right?”


“No, no. If you say so. Please continue.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “But recently we’ve not been hanging out so much.” He looked away, but quickly back. “And I met this girl. We hit it off immediately. It was amazing.”

“Right,” Sandy snorted. “And she’s Australian?”

“How did you guess?”Danny laughed, guzzling beer.

“Fine,” she said. “If you’re not man enough to go first, I will.”



received my paperback copy of SEVEN SNEEZES

And it looks and feels… JUST LIKE A REAL PAPERBACK!


Because it is, of course. But you know what I mean.

I hope.

Otherwise I sound a little like a loon.


When the other three arrive I’ll post a photo, probably of self proudly holding all four babies. 😉


And I’m not including Wonky Monky in this simply because I haven’t finalised the paperback version, and may even wait until I’ve written the third and can release all three together as a trilogy. We shall see.



3words July – day 7 of 20


And my ongoing story:


Danny bit his tongue, paid Paulie, sucked in a deep breath and sauntered back toward Sandy, placing her Bud on the table while sipping his own as he sat.

Sandy glanced at it and shook her head.

He said, “What?”

She snorted out a laugh. “That’s the best you could do?”


“I said surprise me.”

“Well,” he said, glancing at the bottle. “You weren’t expecting a Bud.”

Sandy laughed and scooped it up. “You’re not wrong.”

“So I won?”

“Won what?”

Danny grinned. “There’s the question.”

Sandy rolled her eyes and sipped her drink. “You are such a slut.”



first review for Seven Sneezes


First review on Amazon:


Ambitious, deep character study 
By Eduardo Suastegui 
Telling a story that spans a character’s life would seem to most a daunting, almost impossible task, but this is the challenge that Burton takes on with ‘Seven Sneezes’. Though I usually enjoy a faster-paced tale, the author’s skill and artistry kept me moving along. If you’re up for insightful character portrayal, then you too should take up this novel.


Many thanks, Eduardo. 🙂



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