3words August begins tomorrow

Just saying. 🙂

No doubt I’ll see you here, right?




3words Redux kindle available

Yes, that’s right – I managed to NOT focus on my EconomyEdits job for the weekend, the first two consecutive days I’ve not client-edited since I began.

Thanks for the ok, Nicole. 😉

On top of that, I actively worked on ME things. First, I tarted up all the 3words shorts that I wanted to include in the collection. Then I created an eBook. And then I began working on the paperback version (give it a couple of days – tomorrow’s busy, and I’m back on the job again :)).

Oh, and I finished reading my novel TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but… Man, I enjoyed reading that. I do think the intentional typos could be an issue, though, so will be stop-gapping that tomorrow or Tuesday by adding a “WARNING: TYPOS AHEAD!” type page at the start. And then see from there.

But today is more about 3words Redux now being available on Amazon as an eBook, and can be found here:

I do like that cover. 🙂

And don’t forget – 3words August will be upon is in just a few days… so please seriously think about committing just 10 minutes a day to an ongoing story. You never know – you may love it! Obviously, I think you will. 🙂



first review for Seven Sneezes


First review on Amazon:


Ambitious, deep character study 
By Eduardo Suastegui 
Telling a story that spans a character’s life would seem to most a daunting, almost impossible task, but this is the challenge that Burton takes on with ‘Seven Sneezes’. Though I usually enjoy a faster-paced tale, the author’s skill and artistry kept me moving along. If you’re up for insightful character portrayal, then you too should take up this novel.


Many thanks, Eduardo. 🙂



my currently available paperbacks/eBooks

BookCoverPreview  https://www.createspace.com/4869363

This novel follows Lizzy Anderson from her first birthday when she realises she sneezes in sevens (hence the title – had to be a reason, right?). She struggles through a tough and lonely childhood, meeting the love of her life aged 9, and again at 18. They begin a life together, and we are drawn in to her journey, hungry for her highs and lamenting her lows as she weaves through adulthood, parenthood, love and death during one woman’s life, leading to old age and the inevitable. ( approx 310 pages / 93,000 words  )


final BookCoverPreview 020714 https://www.createspace.com/4880091

This novel centres around Ed, a middle-aged, frustrated would-be-writer, family man struggling to maintain his grasp on a reality he finds he never really wanted, having been caught in the flow where there were more interesting lives he could have lived, if only he’d made other choices at three key moments in his life. When a catalyst creates a window of opportunity for him, Ed decides to write the novel he’s always dreamed about, but gets lost in a metafictional frenzy of ideas, struggling to find his true self while he and seven others live the same life. ( approx 730 pages / 275,000 words )


kcw BookCoverPreview july 01 https://www.createspace.com/4877890

A collection of three novelettes. In the first tale, Cafe Books, a young man returns to his home town to help his mum with her cafe. He swore he would never return because of past problems with one particular girl, but can’t deny his mother. Then the girl walks into their cafe and all kinds of feelings, memories and secrets are exposed. In the second tale, Ten Minute Windows, a lonely and frustrated mother frequents the same cafe and sits at her favourite table every day, for just ten minutes, being the only time she has for herself. One day there’s an obnoxious man at her table, and he keeps coming back, day after day. In the third tale, Kissing The Mist, an undecided young fiancee seeks the advice of her much-loved, book-fan grandmother, bringing another old, second hand book as a gift. Only, this time the book comes with a history and the grandmother’s past unfolds and unravels the young woman’s delicate grasp on the life she’s found herself living.


BookCoverPreview final 2906 https://www.createspace.com/4878938

This collection features ten of my favourite stories from the last twenty years, and include: a Pushcart Prize nominated story of two alienated sisters and one twisted father; a chance meeting in a public park between a man, a cheeky young girl, her dog and her mother; a super-short life story of an unappreciated working man who lives for his family; a once-exiled flasher who dares to return to his childhood village hoping for some kind of redemption; two co-workers struggling with their undisclosed-yet-known-about affair and their own feelings toward each other; a man talking with his lover’s cat at night in the garden, trying to right their problems, but only exacerbating them; a much-mocked/unloved father feeling compelled to spend more and more time in his dream-based reality; a mother and her young child mourning the loss of the dear man in their life, while trying to remain positive; an office clerk struggling with a family death and his drinking problems during an unwanted anniversary; and a man reflecting on his abused childhood and abusive wife, desperate to believe in something.


Also available as eBooks at Amazon via: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00JZ03YHC



3words July – tomorrow

3words will be returning tomorrow.

This time “we” will be writing for just 20 days, so “we” will generate a 2000 word story.

I’ve had no ideas so far regarding character, setting or plot etc, with which to set us on our way, so if you have an idea let me know.

Oh yeah, the “rules”:

It’s simple –

  1. “We” choose a character name, setting or event so we all begin in the same place
  2. Every day I post 3words here & via Twitter using #3wordswonky69
  3. Every day any participant writes 100 words of a story INCLUDING the 3words
  4. Post your 100 words via the #3wordswonky69 or on your blog or keep private
  5. TWENTY days later (on the 20th) you will have a 2000 word story
  6. Perhaps I’ll anthologise any interested participants’ stories into an eBook?

As we progress, others involved can suggest words for us to use, and no doubt I will incorporate some.

Anyone wanting to play along either post a comment to let me know, or just simply play along via the #3wordswonky69



editmonkey on your shoulder

Would you appreciate or benefit from having a little EDITMONKEY sitting on your shoulder, helpfully pointing out when you:

  • use the wrong there/their, stationery/stationary, affect/effect
  • should have a full-stop in place of a comma
  • are missing quotation marks
  • are using a passive voice
  • use some words too often
  • use words like very that can be replaced by stronger ones


Well, Economy Edits was created to help the indie writer on a budget. Find us @




requests update

A simple post for once, just to note the number of requests for each title. Yes, the numbers/names look a little sad n lonely at the moment, but hopefully in time…



  • Requests: 4 … Katie, Liz, Olivia, Eduardo
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 1 … Tamsin
  • Reviews 0



  • Requests: 1 … Kay
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 0
  • Reviews: 0



  • Requests: 0
  • Reviews: 0




Sunday Sneezes, part 2

Some tweaks to the marketing plan, with a couple of posts/links shared on the web. Also worked some more on the interview which will focus on SEVEN SNEEZES. I don’t find it as easy as some to talk about myself, though I don’t feel I have secrets. Hmm.

Spent some time on book descriptions, too. Hopefully moving ever closer to what the books (especially TMST) are REALLY about. 😮 😉

Also, spent some time setting up the TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE paperback, and working on the KISSING CAFE WINDOWS paperback cover, as it wasn’t quite right.

And I tweaked some prices, so who knows. Turns out the TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE novel is a monster in more ways than one… weighing in at 700 pages (I squeezed more words per page – still waiting for the proof to see if it looks ok) it still requires a high minimum retail price.

Does twice the word count truly = twice the cost? We shall see.

Provisional covers from today:

BookCoverPreview front n back paperback 2906


BookCoverPreview front & back paperback 2906





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