Seeking short stories

Are you a fan of fiction? Do you crave crime? Are you flavoured by forensics? Do things have to appear sane in your membrane?
Yes? Then there is exciting news for you from our cosy corner of the world…
We are seeking submissions for our first collection of short stories (and chapter teases) written by authors and readers just like you…
Many are EconomyEdits clients, but everyone is welcome.
Already on board are Geraldine Evans, Iris Blobel, Tony Dews, Melissa Leibfritz, David A. Eddy, John Reti, Kat Bussell, myself and others.
If you are interested in hearing more, and/or want to be considered, please send me a query at:
We would love to hear from you.


3words January 1/30

Cue fanfare


Today’s 3words are: QUIT, FOG, SLEEP.

And the start of my story…


I screamed as my nuts exploded, catapulting me out of a FOGgy dream.

Someone squeaked and rolled away.

I curled into a ball, eyes closed, head pounding, tears streaming.

“The hell are you doing!” I gasped, writhing under the covers. “I’ve said a million times not to jump on the bed when I’m SLEEPing. Especially not there.”

I relaxed my hold and opened my eyes, peeking out from under the covers. The curtains were open and the sun inflamed my headache, forcing my eyes shut.

“Go find your sister.”

I heaved a sigh. Not the best day to QUIT drinking.


3words xmas 2/25

Today’s 3words are: NOEL – EGGNOG – MISTLETOE.

And my ongoing story is…


And he had lived there all his life.

Well, he had left to go to school, and then to work, and to get married, but he had spent the majority of the rest of his life in that house. He had even met his girlfriend, then fiancé, wife, mother to his children, and then grandmother to their children in that house, as the young Mary had been the EGGNOG-offering daughter of Barry’s mother’s best friend, bumping into one another under the MISTLETOE.

Of course, all of this happened slowly, and nobody had even considered the future appearance of young NOEL.


10-day 3words begins tomorrow

You KNOW you want to play along.

Just 10 days.

That’s only 1000 words.

And, thanks to Lacey Reah, you already have the opening gambit.

All you need do is show us where the story goes from here:

He gave me a fun drive by kiss as he flew past me. I didn’t know if I should feel flattered or violated.

I’ll post 3words each day.

You simply write 100 words (or more*, if you so desire) of your ongoing story, ensuring the 3words are included.

Then, come the 10th, you will have a 1000* word story.


3words September

3words in September is only going to last 10 days.

Here is partly why:

  • a 10-day commitment is easier
  • more people might participate
  • there is a days 6-10 incentive*
  • there is a free 3words Redux eBook**

* If you participate and post links to your stories for the first 5 days, then you will be allowed to suggest words to be used as prompts in the last 5 days. AT LEAST ONE will be accepted IF you continue to post on days 6-10.

** If you post links to your story for each of the 10 days I will send you a pdf copy of 3words Redux, or a file which you should be able to paste into your Kindle documents folder so it will read like a ‘normal’ eBook.

A rules reminder:

  • each day, 3words are posted here
  • each day, participants write some fiction, including those 3words (I suggest 100 words, but more or less is fine, as it suits) your wants/needs
  • we repeat until our story or the set number of days is complete, in this case 10/1000 words
  • it can be a self-contained tale, part of something larger, or individual snapshots

As for base initiator this month… As previously mentioned in an August blog post, we will be inspired by a line that Lacey Reah used in a reply to one of my Google+ posts, and begin our story immediately after this happens:

He gave me a fun drive by kiss as he flew past me. I didn’t know if I should feel flattered or violated.

Enjoy. 🙂



3words August – day 3 of ??

Very happy to see viktoryarch playing along… Here’s hoping you stick with it, my friend. 🙂

Today’s 3words are: WIDE – OPPOSITE – CRAWL.

And my ongoing story:


I stopped opposite Lucy and waited. Her tiny right hand crawled up her dress and toyed with the bow at her neck, twisting it while she looked everywhere but at me. Then her left hand reached up and patted the bow in her black bob, and pushed her hair behind that left ear.

“Lucy? Have you something you want to tell me?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t see it happen.”

“Didn’t see what?”

She glanced at the other girls, all of whom were now watching her, wide-eyed.

She said, “I don’t know. But whatever it was, I didn’t see.”




first five freebie

The first five people who join in with 3words August AND see it through to the final day will receive a VOUCHER for a FREE e-COPY of my collection 3words Redux.


3words August – day 2 of ??

Today’s 3words are: NERVOUS – INNOCENT – EASY.

And my (just barely) ongoing story…


There were six suspects, all young girls, and each looking just as innocent and guilty as the next. And not one wanted to go first. I had half-hoped that five might, thereby incriminating the sixth. But I was starting to understand that nothing about this was going to be easy.

I studied the girls: Lucy was in a yellow dress, with matching bow; Hazel had faraway eyes beneath brown hair; Rose was blonde with captivating blue eyes; Annette clutched a book to her chest; Raven looked shy and nervous; while Jacqueline glared like it was all my fault.

Now what?



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